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Indecisive Swathi!

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Why do heroines sometime accept item songs? It is to fill the purse said actress Bhavana once. Why do latest heroines wear skin tight costumes appear in songs and later realize. It is because of frustration for not getting noticed.


In the case of sundry roles actress Swathi the frustration has crept in her mind. She was daring in Hunja. For 'Raaji' Kannada film she was in lip locking scenes and later appeared in an item songs with minimum of costumes that created a shock from this Mysore girl.


When the photographs appeared in print and electronic media she begged with media persons not to use further that would damage her career. And now for 'Chinnada Thaali' she is in similar kind of role. The second batch of Swathi in 'Raaji'Kannada film released is also sexy ones.


Sex Sales Swathi should know!
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